CIOFS Website


The CIOFS website is currently available again! Those of you who have tried to access the CIOFS website over the last few months will know that it was down for rather a long time. It reappeared, then disappeared again. Our CIOFS link gave us only an unhelpful page from WebFaction, presumably the CIOFS web developer.
I contacted Attilio Galimberti, our Presidency councillor, who tells me that a new website is under development.
The CIOFS website that has reappeared very recently I understand to be the old site.
Attilio tells me that our Minister General, Tibor Kauser, will be updating the General Chapter (which is currently taking place in Rome) about the site. So we should have a clearer picture soon.

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Prayer General Chapter 2017


Please pray for the International Chapter which began this morning in Rome. You may wish to use the following prayer provided by CIOFS. The image above of the Chapter beginning it’s work is from the facebook feed of our dear sister and friend, Gilda Suarez, from Venezuela, though she is a member of the Denmark national fraternity.


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An Easter greeting from Tibor Kauser, Minister General of the OFS


Tibor Kauser at the National Elective Chapter of OFSGB at the Oblate Retreat Centre, Crewe, in September 2015

We have posted here an Easter greeting from Tibor Kauser, Minister General of the OFS, that was mailed out today by CIOFS on behalf of the International Fraternity. Please do read it. It is good.
In it Tibor says: “In this letter I’d like to invite you to fill our joy of Easter with the decision to be more committed to be witnesses of the resurrection, delivering the love of the merciful Heavenly Father.”
“All along this year of mercy, our life has to be characterized by this being merciful. And what else could better build our fraternities than this divine mercy?”
He continues: “And I do believe that nothing can build a true fraternity better than the mercy of God that invites us to be merciful.”
Tibor writes: “In this spirit, I invite you this Easter to study and live the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, particularly in our fraternities, but also whenever and wherever we are working in the world.” so that we can “build a more fraternal and evangelical world so that the kingdom of God may be brought about more effectively. (Rule 14.)”

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