London Region Elective Chapter 21/11/2015

The London Region elective chapter took place yesterday, presided over by our National Minister Paula Pearce.
The new London Region executive is: Minister: Anne North ofs, Vice Minister: Georgia Tutton ofs, Secretary: Toni McCabe ofs, Formation: Christine Cattini ofs, Treasurer: Jean Truebridge ofs, Presence in the World: Jothi Christian ofs, Youth: Joanna Torres ofs, Minister without Portfolio: Ela Sumislawska ofs.

Left to right in the main picture below are: Ela, Georgia, Jean, Jothi, Christine, Joanna, Anne and Toni.

Please include the new executive in your prayers as they begin their term of office.

We also said a big thank you to Fr Francis Conway OFM who “retired” earlier this year after a long haul as spiritual assistant to the London region.

Thank you Fr Francis, Thank you outgoing council, Thank you incoming council. Thank you, God.

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