Professions in Edinburgh

On 2nd October 2016 two members of The Companions Fraternity in Craimillar, Edinburgh made their permanent Profession into the Order. The professions took place during the main Sunday Mass at St Teresa’s parish which is currently served by the OFM friars. Fr Patrick Lonsdale was present as were OFS members from San Damiano (Inverness) and Blessed John Duns Scotus (Glasgow) fraternities. Both candidates were supported by their family and friends making the celebration a joyful and uplifting occasion.

Welcome to Jonathan Jamal ofs and Bridget Mungersdorf ofs!

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Professions: Ipswich Fraternity

Saturday 17th September 2016: Two members of the Ipswich ‘Blessed John Duns Scotus’ Fraternity – Claire Lamont-Buxton ofs and Chris Housden ofs – made their professions to Edwin Edwards ofs, Fraternity Minister, this was witnessed by Fr Patrick Lonsdale OFM during the East Anglian Regional Day of Recollection Mass held at Our Lady of Light & St Osyth Church, Clacton-on-Sea, on Saturday 17th September 2016 – the Feast of St Francis’ Stigmata. Fr Patrick was assisted at the concelebrated Mass by Canon Peter Connor ofs, Parish Priest of Our Lady of Light & St Osyth Parish, who is a member of the Clacton ‘Our Lady of Light’ Fraternity.

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Second Priest Professed In East Anglian Fraternity!

Second Priest Professed In East Anglian Fraternity!
Second Priest Professed In East Anglian Fraternity

Fr Frank Jackson ofs, a priest of the Brentwood Diocese, made his Profession to Willem Botha ofs, Minister of the Clacton ‘Our Lady of Light’ Fraternity during Mass held at Our Lady of Light & St Osyth Church, Clacton -on-Sea on Sunday 7th February. This was witnessed by Fr Jesmond Pawley OFM Conv, National Spiritual Assistant, who concelebrated the Mass with Canon Peter Connor, the Parish Priest, himself a Secular Franciscan, and Fr Frank, who is from the adjacent Parish of Sacred Heart and St Francis, Frinton-on-Sea.
Left to right in the photograph are: Willem Botha ofs, Minister; Fr. Jesmond Pawley OFM Conv.; Fr. Frank Jackson ofs; Canon Peter Connor ofs.

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Profession at Oxford 21/11/2015

Heather's profession
Saturday 21st November 2015
Heather Van Cuylenburg ofs: Heather, a member of the Oxford fraternity made her profession in the chapel at Greyfriars, Oxford. Heather is second from the left on the front row of this photo. A joyous addition to the Fraternity and to the Franciscan family.

We give thanks to the Father for the gift of this profession which enriches the whole community of the Secular Franciscan Order in Great Britain. May we be united with Heather in prayer as she continues her Franciscan journey. May the fraternal bonds of community always be our help.

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