OFSGB National Assembly 2017 Upon This Rock: Rebuild My Church


All fraternities should have received back in the spring of this year, via their regions, information about the 2017 OFSGB National Assembly entitled “Upon This Rock: Rebuild My Church” which will be held in Gibraltar from Friday 21st April to Monday 24th April 2017. For more information see this programme. Here is an excellent opportunity to meet the successful and growing Gibraltar fraternity, the largest fraternity in OFSGB, numbering about sixty. Gibraltar fully supported the Youth Gather held at Cold Ash, and has already established a Young Franciscan Group. Here you will see the Gibraltar fraternity in action on behalf of Syrian refugees.
Christine Frendo from Gibraltar is our National Youth Councillor and her daughter Joanna Torres is Youth Councillor for the London Region.
It is now time to ask you to complete a registration form (click this link) and mail it to Michael Martin by 15th November, together with your deposit. We hope that a large number of members will wish to take advantage of this opportunity. Perhaps stay for a few extra days and make a holiday of it.

7 thoughts on “OFSGB National Assembly 2017 Upon This Rock: Rebuild My Church

  1. With so many demands for our money at present from so many distressed people in Syria and elsewhere, I cannot justify the luxury of what would be, I’m sure, a super experience. ACN, CAFOD and others are pleading with us to help our suffering brothers and sisters in distress and we cannot turn our heads away. The only way I could justify my wife and myself going would be to give an equivalent amount to ACN and CAFOD, which would give us a bill of at least £1400.00.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Michael. We are sorry to hear that you (and Anne) will not be joining us in Gibraltar. All the things you mention are very important and admirable; and, yes, we need to allocate finite resources well. And a regular National Assembly is an important opportunity to build a sense of a national fraternity, and to encourage and inspire local fraternity members, to offer them a broader vision. Despite similar concerns expressed when we held an assembly in Assisi in 2008, it was a very fraternal and rewarding experience. It was decided to take up the Gibraltar fraternity’s offer to host the National Assembly for various reasons: among them the very reasonable cost of the accommodation at the retreat centre, and the opportunity to experience at first hand an outstanding and inspirational fraternity. Gibraltar’s generosity has always impressed me in terms of helping many others, including financially, and in meeting the costs to travel here to support events. Pace e bene

  3. Fair comment, Sister Paula. Anne and I hope it will be a great success and that we will get a full report of proceedings, which I am sure we will. Anticipated thanks.


    Bro. Michael ofs.

  4. I am pleased to let you all know that, God willing, I shall be attending the National Assembly at Gibraltar next Apr’17. And I look forward to meet again all our brothers and sisters of the Gibraltar Fraternity. Keep the participants in your prayers for a safe journey! Pax et Bonum! Jaci ofs

      1. Thank you Roger!
        I look forward to seeing you again too!
        May the Lord bless and keep you and all your dear ones!
        Jaci ofs

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