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St Francis

Have you a ‘Franciscan heart’?

Would you like to know about

the Order of Franciscans Secular?



To follow Christ in the footsteps of  St Francis of Assisi.

Francis lived between 1182 and 1226. He had a great religious experience when he heard the voice of God from the Cross in the derelict church of San Damiano in Assisi saying “Francis rebuild my Church which you see is  falling down”. Although at first Francis  took the message literally, he very soon came to realise that he was meant to bring the spirit of God`s love for all people and for all creation into the Church that desperately needed new life. Francis` simple way of living the Gospel life drew many people to follow him. The Friars Minor and the Poor Clares were established as Religious Orders, but many people who had homes and families also wanted to follow the Franciscan way of life, so Francis established an Order for them, the Secular Franciscans.

These Orders are now 800 years old.

San Damiano Cross


Today this Cross hangs in the Basilica of St Clare in Assisi where all can pray in front of it.


At the heart of the three Franciscan Orders is St Francis, whose life was, and still is, an inspiration to millions of people throughout the world. His message remains one of total love for, and commitment to Jesus Christ and Christ`s values, so clearly revealed to us in the Gospels.

A simple message calls for a simple life, following the way of the Gospel and it is as appropriate today as it was long ago.

Franciscans are asked to take the joy of the love of Christ out to everyone they meet, especially the poor, the sick, the homeless and the lonely.

Secular Franciscans express their Gospel life within the context of ordinary daily living.

They seek to encounter Christ in everyone they meet…..everyone is a child of God and part of God`s wonderful creation.


The OFS is an active and organised community within the Catholic Church, but ALL are WELCOME to join us as visitors to our local Fraternity meetings. If you would like to learn more about the Franciscan life, or if you would simply like encouragement and support on your spiritual path, we would be very pleased to see you.

We are the Ascot Fraternity, one of the oldest Fraternities and our home base is at;

St Francis Church

Coronation Road




We meet on the 2nd Monday of the month at 2pm.

For further information, please contact:

Sue Douet – telephone: 01344 756 806


Val Pearce – telephone: 01276 34 208



We are the Fraternity of Perfect Joy, and our home base is at;

St  Joseph and St Margaret Clitherow Church

Stanley Walk



RG12 1HA

We meet in the church hall at 2pm on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

For further information, please contact:

Margaret – telephone: 01344 454 462

Elizabeth – telephone: 01344 423 541

Basia – E-mail:


We are the Fraternity of the Holy Spirit and our home base is with the FMDM Sisters at;

Ladywell Convent

Ashtead Lane




We meet on the 4th Saturday of the month at  9.45 am for tea/coffee; the meetings begin at 10 am.

Mass at 9 am (optional)

For further information, please contact:

Maggie – telephone: 01483 811 113


Robert – telephone: 01483 276 902



We are the Fraternity of Littlehampton and Worthing, and our home base is at;

St Catherine of Alexandria Church

44 Beach Road


West Sussex

BN17 5JH

We meet on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

For further information, please contact:

Angie – telephone: 0781 376 7371

Laurie –


St Anthony’s Fraternity, Portsmouth will warmly welcome you  at;

St Coleman’s Church, Cosham from 2pm on the 3rd Saturday of each of month.

The Isle of Wight Franciscan Group normally meet from 4-5.30 pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month at:

Our Lady and St Wilfrid’s Church, Ventnor.

For further information about either St Anthony’s Fraternity, or the Isle of Wight Franciscan Group, please contact:

Simon Peck – telephone: 07972 173 042



The Lords Prayer

Blessing of St Francis

May the Lord bless you

and keep you

May He show His face to you

and be merciful to you.

May He turn His countenance to you

and give you peace.

May the Lord bless you.

OFS Fraternity of the Holy Spirit, Ladywell, Godalming, Surrey

Franciscan Retreat 2015

Our Franciscan Retreat took place on the 20th – 22nd November 2015 at Ladywell Retreat Centre.  It was open to all those with a ‘Franciscan Heart’ and included OFS, TSSF, Assisi Pilgrims and parishioners from a wide area within the South of Engand.  It was led by Father Patrick Lonsdale OFM, who is Custos of the OFM Order in Great Britain and a National Assistant of the OFS.  Father Patrick is well-known for his wisdom and deep Franciscan spirituality.

It was a time of Peace and Joy for all, in preparation for the coming of Advent.

We shall be arranging another Retreat in 2016 on 18th – 20th November at the

Ladywell Retreat Centre.

OFS Southern Region Service of Franciscan Renewal

held on Saturday May 7th 2016 at Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham in Hampshire

Park Place is a Franciscan House run by the Franciscan Sisters of Mary and the Angels (FSMA) as a pastoral centre for people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs, who are interested in spiritual matters.

About forty members from the five Fraternities gathered here for the day.  During the morning there was a shared reflection on the diverse journeys undertaken by Fraternity members on the way to being ‘Professed’, together with further discussions and thoughts about what is so different about being a Franciscan.

In the afternoon Mass was celebrated by Father Jesmond Pawley OFM Conventual, Spiritual Assistant to the OFS Southern Regions, during which Fraternity members renewed their own Profession commitment.  In addition, it was an honour and privilege to witness and support Sibylle Gent (Littlehampton & Worthing Fraternity) and Shaun Howard (Bracknell Fraternity) during their Rite of Profession into the Order of Franciscans Secular.

IMG_3389 mg

OFS Southern Region Franciscan Celebration

held on Saturday August 13th 2016 at Holly Barn, Wintershall Estate, Bramley, Surrey

Here, at Holly Barn, the story of `The Nativity` takes place each Christmas-time, with live actors, a real baby and numerous animals.  The Barn is situated at the top of a hill in beautiful, rolling Surrey countryside.

Over forty people gathered here for the day, including members of the OFS, TSSF, FMDM, Assisi Pilgrims and visitors with `Franciscan hearts`.  The `Reflection on the San Damiano Cross ` was led by Father Jesmond Pawley OFM Conventual.  It was a lively discussion, with Father Jesmond helping us to appreciate why the Cross is so important to Franciscans, to look more deeply at what the different areas of this beautiful painting appear to convey, together with the history of the San Damiano Cross, thoughts on its age, where it was originally painted, and by whom.

The day ended with a short, but inspiring Liturgy arranged by Maggie Larkin, which was held in the adjacent Chapel.



OFS Fraternity of the Holy Spirit, Ladywell, Godlaming, Surrey

Our Franciscan Retreat took place on 18th – 20th November 2016 at Ladywell Retreat Centre.  As with the previous year, it was open to ALL those with a ‘Franciscan Heart’, and included OFS and TSSF members, a FMDM Associate, an Assisi Pilgrim, and parishioners from a wide area within the South of England.

This year it was led by Father Jesmond Pawley OFM Conventual, Spiritual Assistant to the OFS Southern Regions. His theme for the weekend was ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’.

Group Nov2016 Retreat

Together with the valuable opportunity to get to know other ‘Franciscans’, the Retreat was a reflective preparation for the coming of Advent.

We shall be arranging another Retreat in 2017 on 24th – 26th November.


With All Our Prayers, Love and Congratulations

Recently the National Council asked for the Regions to notify them of any Fraternity members who had been ‘Professed’ for significant years during 2016.

As this is the first year that the Southern Region has compiled such a list, we have included all Fraternity who had been Professed for 20 years or more in 2016.


Ascot Fraternity

Margaret Oaklands = 23 years; Philomena Chasty = 24 years; Sue Douet = 34 years

Bracknell Fraternity

Basia Rozychka = 34 years, Margaret Alburn = 35 years; Stan Alburn = 35 years;

Elizabeth Lewis = 36 years

Ladywell Franternity

Veronica Motcham = 21 years; Angela Pickford = 21 years; Pat Harris = 23 years;

Margaret Murray = 24 years; Frances Hooper = 36 years; Madeline van Pelt = 42 years;

Ursula Waight = 58 years

Littlehampton & Worthing Fraternity

Elizabeth Caswell = 32 years

Portsmouth & Isle of Wight Fraternity

Gerald Hyde = 20 years; John Vivian = 21 years; Jacquie Cuerden = 35 years;

Edward Cuerden = 35 years; Val O’Donnell = 35 years; Merle O’Driscoll = 40 years;

Colm O’Driscoll = 40 years; Carol White = 40  years