Regular listings of Candidates will appear here. Would fraternities please send information to your Regional Secretary, so that this may be passed on to the National Secretary, and so to the website.

* * *
Candidates have been admitted into the Secular Franciscan Order and continue their period of formation, endeavouring to live more intensely and faithfully the grace and dedication of their baptism by following Jesus Christ, according to the teachings and example of St Francis of Assisi, who made Christ the inspiration and the centre of his life. May this too be their way of life. The period of Candidacy will culminate in their profession (their permanent commitment to the gospel life).

We give thanks to God for these candidates who strengthen our fraternities in numbers, by their presence and participation, and through the sharing of their special gifts. May we help all candidates in their journey with fraternal love, prayer, and the witness of our lives. May the spirit of God’s love penetrate all our hearts. May the fraternal bonds of community always be our help. May the Holy Spirit of God rest upon our Candidates, and make “his home and dwelling among them” (St Francis), as they endeavour to go from gospel to life and from life to the gospel, to an encounter with the living and active person of Christ. And may the Holy Spirit of God give us the grace to encourage and sustain their proper formation and to walk with them to attain their goal.

* * *

Scotland Region
Jonathan Jamal Craigmillar ‘The Companions’ Fraternity
Bridget Mungersdorf Craigmillar ‘The Companions’ Fraternity
Robert Watson Inverness ‘San Damiano’ Fraternity

Midland Region
Michelle Raymond-Barker Clay Cross Fraternity
Margaret (Pru) Williams Clay Cross Fraternity
Jane McCawley Rednal/Stourbridge Fraternity
Neil McCawley Rednal/Stourbridge Fraternity

East Anglian Region
Annette Hunt Cambridge ‘Our Lady of the Poor’ Fraternity
Peter Carr Ipswich ‘Blessed John Duns Scotus’ Fraternity

London Region
Citra Abbott Wood Green ‘Our Lady of the Angels’ Fraternity
James Abbott Wood Green ‘Our Lady of the Angels’ Fraternity
Louisa Mallo Ugwu Stratford ‘St Francis’ Fraternity

* * *