On the Mercy Bus?

merciful like the father
South Wales and South West Region are offering an interesting weekend event in Cardiff from 29th April to 1st May for the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy entitled “The Holy Year of Mercy and our Franciscan Response” See here for details and a booking form.
The weekend will be led by Brother Francis Dor OFM Cap, who is based in Rome, and is one of the General Spiritual Assistants to the Secular Franciscan Order.
We hope that members from the other regions will wish to support this event. Please pass on the details of the event to members in your region who may not be aware of it. Bookings to Angela Bradley.

And from 6th – 8th May 2016 at Pantasaph Franciscan Friary Paula Pearce will offer “And I showed mercy to them” (Testament of Francis): The weekend will be a reflective weekend around the following: The meaning of this Year of Mercy, Mercy in the Franciscan Sources and The meaning of the Year of Mercy for us today.

We have posted some Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy links here. Perhaps study Misericordiae Vultus in fraternity as we are currently doing at Stratford.

And why not check out the Diocese of Salford Mercy Bus, which, according to the Catholic Herald last week, is now touring Lancashire in an attempt to reach lapsed Catholics?

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