5 thoughts on “Paris and Beirut: Daniel Horan

    1. Hello Michael, the first line of the post reads: “Daniel Horan OFM has just made this post in his blog Dating God.”, and the two words “this post” appear in red in the post. If you click on those two words the Dating God blog post will open in a new browser tab. For the record what internet browser are you using: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or some other?
      Hope this works for you.

  1. Thanks, Roger. I use Google chrome. I am now on Windows 10 and trying to get them to work properly.


    Michael ofs.

  2. I still find some of your GREY PRINT unhelpful. I now copy it, print it into WORD and change the colour to black and then it is easier to read and copy.
    Why do you print in GREY and not BLACK?
    Michael ofs.

    1. Michael, I am sorry that you still appear to be having such problems reading the material on the site. As you will recall, we changed the type colour of the right hand box when you raised this issue before. I understand that you are now referring to the colour of the type on the main pages and I will ask James to take a look at this when he does an update at the end of the month. Roger

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