Requiescant in Pace


Text updated December 2018: This is a post that we may use to notify each other of the deaths of our members. Please do so by including your text as a comment to this post, which can be easily accessed at any time, either in the near future, or many months hence, by going to the right hand sidebar of the website, scrolling down to the heading “Categories” and clicking on the category “Requiescant in Pace”.
We will then add the same text to this page, or you may wish to provide an amended text for that page. An image would be good, and this can be sent to .
You may also wish to add a prayer here.
Please also remember to notify, in the appropriate manner, your regional secretary and the national registrar (Angela Bradley).

7 thoughts on “Requiescant in Pace

  1. Derrick Tranter sends us this message:
    I would like to inform you that my franciscan friend of 41 years, Philip McKen ofs passed away recently at home and his Funeral Mass will be on Tuesday July 12th at Noon at St Thomas of Canterbury RC Church, Dartmouth Avenue, Walsall WS3 1SP where everyone will be welcome. God bless Derrick Tranter ofs phone number 07944957003.
    Any donations to The Good Shepherd Ministry for the homeless, addicts and those in prison to
    me at home: 49 St Thomas Close, Walsall WS3 1SZ. Thank you and God bless

    1. I have just discovered this site and thank you for your kind words. I thank God for answering my prayer that Philip’s life would be completed before my own and God answered my prayer so I am happy with the situation. Obviously being friends for just over 41 years I miss him and again I thank God for his support and friendship over these years. I have not, at times, been the easiest person to live with but that’s all in the past and we continue living out our lives by striving to live the Gospel Life and especially loving God and each other. Please remember Phil on the 22nd September when his remains are to be buried after the 10am Mass at St Mary’s the Mount.

      Finally can you pray for Irene Kempson the lady I cared for these past 6 years and which at the beginning of May passed away in her own home and for Sheila Convey the lady who with Philip we use to make over 500 sandwiches for the homeless who died at the beginning of July.

      God bless

  2. The funeral of Fr Brendan Blundell ofm Conv, who died very suddenly on Tuesday 19th July, and who was formerly in charge at Barton, site of our National Seat, will take place next Thursday, August 4th, at St Clare’s Church, Victoria Avenue, Blackley, Manchester. His body will be received into the church at 11a.m. followed by Requiem Mass at 12 noon. He will be buried in Allerton Cemetery, Liverpool L19 at 3 p.m.

    1. so very sad Fr BRENDAN has passed away such a privelage to have attended many mid week masses at All Saints Barton he had a gift of serenity and warmth that was ever present a true and holy man RIP

  3. Angela Bradley posted this in the National Fraternity facebook group late yesterday: I learned today of the death of Alan Simpson OFS, East Anglia. A kind and gentle man, a person of great faith, care for the deceased members of our Order and love of St Francis.
    His advancing age, serious illness and inability to attend fraternity meetings were no obstacle to his heroic, Franciscan witness. After March fraternity ceased he still met with other OFS to pray and to practice an apostolate of mercy, praying for deceased members. They collected money and had mass offered for the holy souls every month. Involved at the start of the National Fraternity and the first National Council of G.B.

  4. Jaci Matos (Cambridge) writes: Just to let you know that another member of the OFS, Cambridge Fraternity Our Lady of the Poor also passed away: Sister Rosalie Temple! She passed away on 12 March 2018…. another example of the true love for Our Lord and as a follower of the spirituality of St Francis! She was very active in the work for the poor in Romania for many years and also raised funds for the construction of hospital/ dentist/ homes for the victims of war in Bosnia-Herznegova! Great respect for priest and true devotion to Our Lady too! More information will follow in our Spring magazine The Tau!
    She will also be greatly missed! RIP!

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