Welcome to the Secular Franciscans of Great Britain.


The Franciscan Third Order Secular are ordinary people, both men and women, who live in the world, work for a living, but follow the Franciscan spirit without taking vows. You won’t see them wearing habits like monks & nuns, they wear ordinary clothes. They usually take on some voluntary charity work or parish work in their spare time and their motto is ‘Gospel to life & life to Gospel. St Francis once said ‘preach the gospel but with as few words as possible!’

The fraternity comprises of ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, WALES and GIBRALTAR, divided into nine regional fraternities.  As the Order has members in countries in all continents throughout the world it uses the acronym OFS, from the full international title – Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis.

So who was St Francis and what did he do? You can watch a film about his life on youtube:



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Contact us at: info@ofsgb.org or at facebook or twitter. Our OFSGB National Office is at: Poor Clare Monastery, 102 Galley Lane, Arkley, Barnet, Herts EN5 4AN. The National Minister may be contacted at natmin@ofsgb.org.