London Region Elective Chapter 21/11/2015

The London Region elective chapter took place yesterday, presided over by our National Minister Paula Pearce.
The new London Region executive is: Minister: Anne North ofs, Vice Minister: Georgia Tutton ofs, Secretary: Toni McCabe ofs, Formation: Christine Cattini ofs, Treasurer: Jean Truebridge ofs, Presence in the World: Jothi Christian ofs, Youth: Joanna Torres ofs, Minister without Portfolio: Ela Sumislawska ofs.

Left to right in the main picture below are: Ela, Georgia, Jean, Jothi, Christine, Joanna, Anne and Toni.

Please include the new executive in your prayers as they begin their term of office.

We also said a big thank you to Fr Francis Conway OFM who “retired” earlier this year after a long haul as spiritual assistant to the London region.

Thank you Fr Francis, Thank you outgoing council, Thank you incoming council. Thank you, God.

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Profession at Oxford 21/11/2015

Heather's profession
Saturday 21st November 2015
Heather Van Cuylenburg ofs: Heather, a member of the Oxford fraternity made her profession in the chapel at Greyfriars, Oxford. Heather is second from the left on the front row of this photo. A joyous addition to the Fraternity and to the Franciscan family.

We give thanks to the Father for the gift of this profession which enriches the whole community of the Secular Franciscan Order in Great Britain. May we be united with Heather in prayer as she continues her Franciscan journey. May the fraternal bonds of community always be our help.

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Francis and the Sultan Presentation Franciscan International Study Centre

On Wednesday 25th November,  at 7.00pm, Michael Cusato OFM, will present a lecture on Francis and the Sultan.


Extending as far back as 19th and 20th century colonialism, the aftermath of the First World War, and certainly since the events of 9/11 in the States and 7/7 in Great Britain, the relationship of the West with the Islamic world has been marked by bitter tensions, harmful stereotyping and outbursts of violence from various quarters on both sides. A similar, if less complex, relationship between Christianity and Islam, Christians and Muslims, also existed in the Middle Ages during the lifetime of St. Francis of Assisi.

However, Francis’ famous encounter of the Ayyubid sultan of Egypt, Malik al-Kamil, in August of 1219, marks a decisively different approach to this relationship fraught with mistrust, fear and hatred. Indeed, in the light of recent events, it stands as a potential, even promising model for bringing faithful believers of both religions together on the basis of mutual respect and the recognition of our common sacred dignity under God. This presentation will lay out the specifics of this story and explore the reasoning behind Francis’ voyage to Damietta in 1219, how that encounter affected the Poor Man of Assisi for the rest of his life and whether any of his brothers – Christian or Muslim – took up the challenging paradigm of the saint and the sultan.


For more information, please call 01227 769349 or email


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