All Members!


Dear Members

Please forward this email onto any OFS members you may have in your contacts list. Members who don’t subscribe to the website are missing out dreadfully on anything going on throughout the whole of the OFS.

We are trying to increase the number of member subscriptions to the website so that everyone will get all the updates and be able to receive ONLINE FORMATION if they so desire. If you want to receive updates and haven’t already subscribed (it’s free) then just type into your internet and scroll down on the front page/home page until you see EMAIL REGISTRATION – type your email address in there and click the red box and that’s it! Now you can receive all the updates and inform us if you’d like online formation!

Subscribing makes it so much easier for us to help you, because you can contact us very quickly and vis versa!

🙏 for your subscription! LOL

Dianne (secretary)


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