Michael Mortimer-60th

We aim to acknowledge here members of the Secular Franciscan Order of Great Britain who have reached significant anniversaries of their profession. Certainly members who have been professed fifty and sixty years or more, and it may be good to include members who have been professed for twenty-five and forty years. Fraternities may notify us by adding a comment to this “Anniversaries” post which can be easily accessed at any time, either in the near future, or many months hence, by going to the right hand sidebar of the website, scrolling down to the heading “Categories” and clicking on the category “Anniversaries”. Or notify us by an email to .
We will then add the same text to this page, or you may wish to provide an amended text for that page. An image would be good, and this can be sent to .
You may also wish to add a prayer here.


We begin today by acknowledging Michael Mortimer who reached the sixtieth anniversary of his profession a few days ago. So Congratulations, Michael! Another Michael, Michael Simmonds, has kindly marked the occasion by sending us this text. Praise the Lord for calling Michael with His grace and sustaining his faith through the years!


We have many other members who have passed twenty-five, forty, fifty and sixty years of profession, and perhaps we might begin to acknowledge them here retrospectively.
What are your views?

3 thoughts on “Anniversaries

  1. Dear Brother Roger,
    Congratulations on a 100% accurate copy of my notes and photos.
    You deserve an accolade as you are more accurate than the newspaper reporters and editors!
    Fraternally & gratefully,
    Bro Michael Simmonds, ofs.

  2. Really appreciate these contributions to the website – it was heart warming to realise how much sharing belonging to the OFS can mean. I have attended some really fraternal/family gatherings recently and believe this aspect of our Order can only develop. Thank you Michaels

  3. Three of our Fraternity are to celebrate anniversaries of Profession this year and I would very much like all of you to know that we are blessed to have them still active in our Fraternity here in Cardiff :
    Mrs. Joan Sweeney: Date of Profession: November 1976 (40 years)
    Mrs. Betty Roche: Date of Profession: Summer 1976 (40 years)
    Miss Anne Savoury: Date of Profession: 3rd Oct. 1991 (25 years)
    (Minister of Cardiff Fraternity)

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