Annotated Rule of Life and Sources

Here is an updated version of the “Rule of Life and Sources” which has appeared in various forms over the years. Paula Pearce has kindly updated the sources so that they include references to the three volume work “Francis of Assisi: Early Documents”, as well as to the older “St Francis of Assisi: Omnibus of Sources”.

As we approach the “Beatitudes” Chapter which will mark the close of the year celebrating the 40th anniversary of the approval by Pope Blessed Paul VI of the OFS Rule on 24th June 1978, this is a most welcome resource.

See below for Paula’s comments on “Why go back to the Original Sources of the OFS Rule?”

Many thanks to Mags Ivatts, of Hollington fraternity, for her work in preparing the update.

This Annotated Rule of Life and Sources can be easily accessed at any time here, under: OFSGB, Documents of the Order.

To avoid any confusion what we have here is the “old” translation of the Rule. We hope that the new translation will be approved soon.



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  1. Sadly Mags, I will not be with you this weekend. I will miss you all! I will try to keep in touch with the event, and will pray for it’s success.
    I’m sure we will get to meet soon!
    pace e bene

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