Members’ Musings

Before you read this post, you may wish to read the post made earlier this morning in which, among other things, your prayers are requested for our National Elective Chapter which begins today.

This is a space for members to reflect gently, ponder, share views, or to mount their soapbox in the tradition of Speakers’ Corner and hold forth, on whatever aspect of the order they feel moved to comment on.

Or perhaps you might like to mention a book or article that you have read and enjoyed (or not enjoyed!).

This “Members’ Musings” post can be easily accessed at any time, either in the near future, or many months hence, by going to the right hand sidebar of the website, scrolling down to the heading “Categories” and clicking on the category “Members’ Musings”. Please make your contribution by including your text as a comment to this post.

If this post does generate an extensive range of comments, queries and issues, then we could consider setting up a standalone forum for discussions.

You may also wish to add a prayer here.

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