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The CIOFS website is currently available again! Those of you who have tried to access the CIOFS website over the last few months will know that it was down for rather a long time. It reappeared, then disappeared again. Our CIOFS link gave us only an unhelpful page from WebFaction, presumably the CIOFS web developer.
I contacted Attilio Galimberti, our Presidency councillor, who tells me that a new website is under development.
The CIOFS website that has reappeared very recently I understand to be the old site.
Attilio tells me that our Minister General, Tibor Kauser, will be updating the General Chapter (which is currently taking place in Rome) about the site. So we should have a clearer picture soon.

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Update: the Apostolic Letter Misericordia et Misera; Other Matters.

At the foot of this post you will find the Apostolic Letter Misericordia et Misera, mentioned by Paula in her Advent greeting posted here earlier. The Letter was given by Pope Francis on 20 November, the Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, at the conclusion of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy. Misericordia et misera is a phrase used by Saint Augustine in recounting the story of Jesus’ meeting with the woman taken in adultery (cf. Jn 8:1-11).

Have you booked yet for the 2017 OFSGB National Assembly entitled “Upon This Rock: Rebuild My Church” which will be held in Gibraltar from Friday 21st April to Monday 24th April 2017. Those who book later may well have to pay more to the airline for a flight. This is a great opportunity to meet the successful and growing Gibraltar fraternity, the largest fraternity in OFSGB, numbering about sixty. Gibraltar fully supported the Youth Gather held at Cold Ash, and has already established a Young Franciscan Group.

Please note that Come and See is a brief introduction to the OFS that fraternities may print, fold and distribute in churches and at public meetings. It may also be given to visitors attending meetings for the first time.

Initial Formation: We hope that everyone has now had an opportunity to review and make use of the Initial Formation material for candidates that is introduced here.

Note that we have these pages on the website that members may use to update us all:

Anniversaries: Fraternities may notify us of members anniversaries by adding a comment to this “Anniversaries” post which can be easily accessed at any time, either in the near future, or many months hence, by going to the right hand sidebar of the website, scrolling down to the heading “Categories” and clicking on the category “Anniversaries”. Or notify us by an email to .

Requiescant in Pace: This is a post that we may use to notify each other of the deaths of our members. Please do so by including your text as a comment to this post, which can also be easily accessed at any time, in this case by clicking on the category “Requiescant in Pace”.

Perfect Computer Joy: Members with technical computer issues may use this post. To find it click on the category “Website”.

We hope to introduce a similar “general” page entitled “Members Musings”, and another page “Reviews” where members can share the titles of books and articles that they have found interesting in their spiritual development. And not only Books and Articles. We could share Music, Cinema also. Would members like to have this facility?

This post “On Using This Website” may also be of use to many.

And here follows the Apostolic Letter Misericordia et Misera:




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Perfect Computer Joy

There are no known technical issues with the website.
But if members have technical issues they wish to raise it is easy to contact me at (I generally check mails many times during a day), on 07910358646 (if I am unable to answer, to ensure a prompt reply, please leave a brief text or WhatsApp message rather than a voicemail), or on (you can find this email address easily at the top of the text on the home page of the website). It is good for us to clear up any issues, so that members may easily use the site.
And if any member feels that they wish to make a technical point to all members who are subscribed to email updates from the site, that is fine too. May I ask you to make these comments in this “Perfect Computer Joy” post, which can be easily accessed at any time, either in the near future, or many months hence, by going to the right hand sidebar of the website, scrolling down to the heading “Categories” and clicking on the category “Website”. In this way members who do not have technical concerns or interests may be untroubled by technical comments that do not relate to the content of the post against which they are made, and may perfectly ignore all comments against this “Perfect Computer Joy” post as they appear in their inboxes.
If this post does generate an extensive range of technical comments, queries and issues, then we will set up a standalone technical forum to which the technically troubled, the technically minded, and aspiring geeks may contribute at length, while leaving at peace those members who have no wish to have their attention drawn to technical matters. Important points that may arise from this exchange could be included here.
In this manner, perhaps, we may all, in our various ways, attain perfect computer joy. So may it be.
#livinginhope #gettingthere #triduum
Blessings and love to you all for the Triduum and for the Easter season.

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