East Anglian Region: Norwich ‘Pax et Bonum’ Fraternity Profession – Saturday 11th May, 2019

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Pax et Bonum Fraternity, Norwich Profession – Saturday 11th May 2019

Front row: Lawrence Smith, Simon Hambrook, Fr Dónal, Frances Taylor, Brigid Rawlinson, Anne Murrin
Back row: Rob Hardie, Sammy Tassili, Debbie Bool

On Saturday 11th May, at the Church of Our Lady and St Etheldreda, Newmarket, three members who have been attending meetings of the ‘Pax et Bonum’ Secular Franciscan Fraternity in Norwich made their professions. This ceremony was held during the Mass that was the central event of a Regional Day of Recollection for Secular Franciscans in the East Anglian area. Francis Taylor, Laurence Smith, and Simon Hambrook, made their promises to Brigid Rawlinson ofs, Fraternity Minister, this was witnessed by Fr Dónal Walsh OFM, our Spiritual Assistant, and other members of the East Anglian fraternities who had gathered for the day. Simon had recently moved to Assisi where he is living temporarily, his mission being to trust in the Lord for work and daily sustenance. He came back specifically for the occasion. Each member was given a copy of the Gospels as reminder of St. Francis’s exhortation that we should live from ‘Life to Gospel and Gospel to life’. A St Damiano crucifix and a lighted candle were also received by each of the newly professed.
Mass was followed by a celebratory shared lunch and a further talk by Fr Dónal in the afternoon.

3 thoughts on “East Anglian Region: Norwich ‘Pax et Bonum’ Fraternity Profession – Saturday 11th May, 2019

  1. Congratulations. What great encouragement for the region and the national fraternity. God bless you all

    1. I would love to know your email address so that I can thank you properly for the wonderful day spent celebrating your 40th anniversary of Profession and the renewal of our own vows. It was a truly wonderful day and a great blessing to meet you and share in your celebration. Thanks again for inviting us and we greatly look forward to having you in our midst in East Anglia! Anne

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