Ongoing Formation

Following in the Footprints of Saint Francis1 is a six part programme intended for ongoing formation in the OFS at local fraternity level, consisting of two sections: a ‘syllabus’, and worksheets.

The ‘syllabus’ itself began life more than a decade ago as ‘Following Christ in the Footsteps of Saint Francis’ – the work of Hilary Carter ofs and her team. This new edition, therefore, owes its inspiration, structure and content entirely to its predecessor.

To the ‘syllabus’ has been added ‘worksheets’ – each chapter of the six-part resource has its own worksheet consisting of a two-sided document, the number, title and Scripture corresponding exactly with the ‘syllabus’ it is following.

The ‘syllabus’ may be used independent of the worksheets – it is much fuller, with plenty of recommended books, ecclesiastical documents and additional Scripture. The worksheets, likewise, may be used by themselves, or in conjunction with the ‘syllabus’, since they are intended as ready-made ‘lesson’ materials, providing both guidance as to how each chapter might be delivered, as well as something easily printed out and distributed to the whole fraternity.

Formators are encouraged to consult the ‘syllabus’ itself for further guidance in how to deliver this ongoing formation material, as well as the first part of Guidelines for Formators. Further details of books referred to in the ‘syllabus’, together with other books for further reading/to recommend to those wishing to read more, can be found on the OFSGB ‘A Bibliography’ [see below].

Note: the ‘syllabus’ can be found here [or follow the link under Section Pages in the panel to the right]. Links to the worksheets for the six parts may be found under Section Pages in the panel to the right of that same ‘syllabus’ page

1.The decision to replace the word ‘footsteps’ by ‘footprints’ is deliberate here. It distinguishes the revision from the original and at the same time makes use of the preferred term now used in the first of the closing prayers (Handbook, p 30)]