Forty years of the ‘New’ Rule, A Treasure for the OFS

Forty years of the ‘New’ Rule, A Treasure for the OFS

We are celebrating the 40th anniversary of our Rule!

Here you will find a letter from our Minister General Tibor Kauser, regarding the anniversary. Paula Pearce says: “It may be useful when your fraternities spend some time getting to know the Rule better during the jubilee year.”
And here is Tibor in video.

This is a letter (24th June 2018) of the  Secretary of State of His Holiness, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, with a message of His Holiness Pope Francis, sent on occasion of the 40th anniversary of the approval of the Rule.
Paula comments: I think everyone should know about this – it is not the best translated so I am including the other language versions: Italian, French, Spanish.

Here follows a 12-minute video, entitled, “Forty years of the ‘New’ Rule, A Treasure for the OFS”. CIOFS writes: “CIOFS is excited to send you a special gift to help you celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Rule. We have prepared a 12-minute video, entitled, “Forty years of the ‘New’ Rule, A Treasure for the OFS”  which provides an historical perspective on the rule of 1978 and a beautiful summary. Please send this video link to all your national, regional and local fraternities and members. View the video and celebrate the rule together. Take some time to discuss and contemplate its message. View the video again, even while in prayer and contemplation. Celebrate this great treasure in your hearts and carry it with you throughout the day. Let us celebrate the rule, dear brothers and sisters!”
Here it is on our very own OFSGB You Tube channel (are you using our very own OFSGB YouTube channel?, do you have suggestions for videos we can add to it?), and here is the same video on CIOFS Video.

The CIOFS Formation Commission has also been at work and has “prepared small dossiers for a reflection in preparation of the 40th anniversary of our Rule. The dossiers will be proposed every week with the recommendation to share them with all OFS members of your country via whatsapp”

I have not yet seen any “dossiers” but here are a poster and eight cards, collectively entitled “The Challenge”:

W1 Do I love the Lord? (Mark 12.30)(Rule: Article 4)
W2 Do I love my neighbours? (Matthew 22.39)(Rule: Article 5)
W3 Do I avoid sin? (John 18.41)(Rule: Article 12)
W4 Do I do penance? (John 18.41)(Rule: Article 7)
W5 Do I receive the Body and Blood of Jesus? (Rule: Article 5)
W6 Do I follow Christ in the footsteps of Francis? (Rule: Article 4)
W7 Do I strive for perfect charity? (Rule: Article 2)
W8 Do I live the Gospel? (Rule: Article 4)

5 thoughts on “Forty years of the ‘New’ Rule, A Treasure for the OFS

  1. Whilst I accept the rule is important and for my part, each rule will be explained at our Fraternity meetings, there is a danger that we can be too prescriptive in our in going formation. The message of Francis is simplicity. Ler us bear that in mind.

    1. Dear Terry,
      As I do not know you personally, I do not know what kind of initial formation you have had or for how long; but it is this Rule that we promise to live at our Profession for life. It is essential that all members study it and pray with it. Not in a prescriptive way but as a living thing. It should be an inspiration for how we live. Our Constitutions and Statutes help us apply it to daily and fraternity life.
      St.Francis message may be simple, but he exhorted all to obedience to the Pope and the Church. Several popes, including St. John Paul II, have urged us to “Study, Love and Live the Rule”. Now that you are National Formator I hope you have opportunities to become familiar with this aspect of continuing/ongoing formation. peace and all good.
      Angela Bradley OFS

      1. Thanks for this helpful explanation Angela. We have recently started the formation for candidates which has the appearance and feel of a maze (or labyrinth even) and it’s heartening to see you confirm it’s not meant to be prescriptive but can be incorporated into our daily prayer life. It would be so much easier to understand it as a guide to life.

  2. Sr MARGARET Carney OSF, who was Dean of St Bonaventure’s for a long while, once said that ignorance of any of the four Franciscan rules is a gap in our Franciscan spirituality. I suspect the word Rule puts us off and rightly. Maybe this is why Clare, that wise woman, called her text the Form of Life, which can probably be paraphrased as. The general shape of things’!
    I offer this as a thought from Italy where I am at this moment!
    Sr Frances Teresa osc

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