9 thoughts on “Foundation of Fraternity begins at Fraternity Meetings

  1. Totally agree with this article. Even in Lockdown we’ve kept in touch with other members of our fraternity through prayers for each other, phone calls and connecting all together through Facebook once a week yo pray the Crown Rosary. Really looking forward to a time when we can all meet face to face for our post Lockdown fraternity meeting. God willing it will be soon .

  2. I really like the idea of “tossing off the frills of the modern world”. Thanks for this Terry.

  3. Perhaps it is me, but as I see it there is a lot of time and effort expended on “being Franciscan” but rather less on rebuilding the Church.

    I am not a “meetings” person and should perhaps be a hermit. My idea of a good night out is not dining out at a classy restaurant and filling my mouth with food and drink. I want to dance and sing, to be active and alive. Formation is all about rules and theory and days of Recollection etc. are pleasant enough but have no lasting effect that I can see. I would rather have a workshop on practical steps of evangelising and ways to make Sunday Mass less perfunctory and an action plan to revitalise the parish.

    I want to see actions that will attract my children back to church and my grandchildren to be baptised.

    But that would not be “Franciscan”, would it?

    1. Formation is a means of progressing day by day in our faith whereby we relate our thoughts and actions to the Gospel of our Lord. Francis devised a rule ( a guide ) and each of the ‘rules’ have a corresponding Beatitude as taught by Our Lord Jesus Christ which we enhance in community.

      Terry Mortimer

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