Thomas of Celano offers us a suggestive portrait of the devotion of Saint Francis to the Holy Eucharist: “burned with fervoUr to his very marrow, and with unbounded wonder of that loving condescension and condescending love. He considered it to be disrespectful not to hear, if time allowed, at least one Mass a day. He received Communion frequently and so devoutly that he made others devout…” ( 147). As he had in great reverence for Whom is worthy of all reverence, he offered the sacrifice of all the members, and upon receiving the slain Lamb he also sacrificed his soul in the fire that burned continually on the altar of his heart.

In an attempt to express his passionate love of the Blessed Sacrament, Saint Francis wrote the following exhortation in his “Letter to All the Friars”:

Let the entire man be seized with fear; let the whole world tremble; let heaven exult when Christ, the Son of the Living God, is on the altar in the hands of the priest. O admirable height and stupendous condescension! O humble sublimity! O sublime humility! that the Lord of the universe, God and the Son of God, so humbles Himself that for our salvation he hides himself under a morsel of bread.

One thought on “Franciscan Gallery – BLESSED SACRAMENT OF ST FRANCIS

  1. A beautiful reminder of the love which Christ Jesus left for us in the Holy Eucharist.
    I so look forward to being able to receive this sacrament when we can all meet again in person.

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