Franciscan Gallery – FRANCISCAN SHIELD

Throughout eight centuries of history, the Franciscan Order has been blessed with many symbols to represent it (cord, tau, stigmata signs). The baroque shield of the Franciscan Order has been used by all branches of the family, the shield of the two crossed arms has undergone several transformations throughout history, reaching its current form in 1790, when the fa├žade of the Basilica of St Francis, in Assisi, was finished carving .

This seal represents the crossed arms of Christ and Francis. The arm of Christ is naked, on the right side, while the arm of Francis covered by his habit, on the left. Both arms are usually surrounded by the Franciscan cord. Sometimes, Francis’ hand is represented holding a cross.

This shield tells us about how Francis found himself configured with Christ, having suffered the crucifixion in his person on Mount Della Verna, like Jesus did on Calvary.

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