Franciscan Gallery –

Between 1482 and 1485, Domenico Ghirlandaio created the fresco “Stigmata of St. Francis Fresco” for the chapel of Santa Trinità, in Florence Italy. In the lower part of the left wall, Saint Francis is represented kneeling, with open arms, receiving the divine sign of an apparition of the crucified Christ supported by a group of cherubs. The fresco was made in ten days. Although it presents an iconography similar to Giotto’s work in Santa Croce, it is more likely that Ghirlandaio was inspired by the marble relief of the pulpit of Benedetto da Maiano, which is also in Santa Croce. The miracle represented here occurred in La Verna, whose castles can be seen in the background, and the fresco is characterized by a naturalistic representation of excellent quality, as can be seen in the good execution of the pair of deer. On the right you can see a city on a lake, a fanciful representation of Pisa with its Duomo and the Leaning Tower.

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