4 thoughts on “Laudato Si Anniversary – Pope Francis call to action

  1. We must all mobilise on behalf of our Sister Mother Earth. Let’s be seen to support Pope Francis and also our young people who are more realistic about the future than some of us older ones!

  2. Every little helps! Even just making a small change that reduces waste or damage to the environment will make a difference. When we collaborate we can effect great change.

  3. Yes, nice post Mags. It made me think…

    I recently read the following in ‘Gods Pauper’ (p.61-2), a book by Nikos Kazantzakis based on the life of St Francis. The quote relates to the time when St Francis was rebuilding the small church of San Damiano, before his task to ‘repair the Church’ began in earnest. It is narrated by Br Leo, one of St Francis’ earliest brothers:

    “That evening I understood for the first time that all things are one and that even the humblest everyday deed is part of a man’s destiny. Francis too was deeply roused; he too felt that there is no such thing as a small deed, and that to chink a crumbling wall with a single pebble is the same as reinforcing the entire earth to keep it from falling, the same as reinforcing your soul to keep that too from falling.”

    Yes, the smallest actions are in the eyes of our Father, no different from large actions.
    And didn’t Jesus see the widow’s mite to be of more value than the larger sums given by the wealthy?
    As Nikos Kazantzakis writes, it is not only about what is given it also about ‘reinforcing the soul’.

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