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A few thoughts from the National Minister on the occasion of the launch of the new website (13/09/2015).
The new website of the Secular Franciscan Order of Great Britain, OFSGB, is officially launched today. It is the fruit of much labour and toil and my deepest thanks go to so many members of our Order and the other behind the scenes helpers.
The initiative came from the National Council. Many individuals had taken on the task over the past years and their efforts are not forgotten. Our existing website needed a lot of change if it was going to reflect what the National Council was looking for. The underlying quest was for a user-friendly, public website that could display the different hues that make up OFSGB. We have a small dedicated team who have worked hard to set up this site but its success will depend on people updating, editing, reflecting and using the website.
By chance, not design, the launch is at the beginning of the week in which Franciscans celebrate the Feast of the Stigmata of St Francis, on 17th September. This mysterious event is recorded in the early Franciscan sources. In one of these, the first Life of St Francis that was written by Thomas of Celano shortly after the death of the saint, we read that after this episode, Francis, terribly ill throughout his body:
“Burned with a great desire to return to his earliest steps towards humility; rejoicing in hope because of his boundless love, he planned to call his body back to its original servitude, although it had now reached its limit….He used to say: ‘Let us begin, brothers, to serve the Lord God, for up until now we have done little or nothing.’” (Thomas of Celano, The Life of St Francis, 103). Celano goes on to say that he desired to serve lepers again and, at the same time, he sought to find time to spend alone with God.
We launch the new website as a new beginning, another way of serving the Lord God and we do this in a spirit of prayer and community.
The unique nature of our international secular Order and the all-embracing character of our founder, Francis of Assisi, mean that our Order accommodates diverse members, worldwide. At the heart I offer two challenging principles from our way of life:
1. Secular Franciscans should devote themselves especially to careful reading of the Gospel, going from Gospel to Life and Life to the Gospel.
2. Let prayer and contemplation be the soul of all they are and do.
The way of life guides and challenges members but it also unites members, wherever they are called to be in their everyday life. Members are immersed in every aspect of life, are scattered throughout the world and are seeking to bring their Franciscan spirit into every situation they face and witness. Prayer, awareness of the presence of God and trust in His love and grace give life and strength.
The website already witnesses to the variety of ways members take on and live out their mission. It is hoped that it will become a life-giving resource, faithful to the Franciscan spirit. We want visitors to the site to learn about contemporary Franciscan life and, for those who wish, to learn more about the Franciscan heritage we are built upon and want to carry forward.
The website is very much at its beginning and there is much material waiting for various members to have the time to add and edit. We hope there is much more out there to look forward to.
Paula ofs.

5 thoughts on “Launch of the new Website

  1. HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS, dear Brothers and Sisters for a spectacular new Website! May the Good Lord repay you for your hours of work and bless you with ever greater creativity, so that we can truly become the Heralds of the Great King throughout this land and beyond. Through our being in the world, our doing, speaking and writing may we witness to Jesus by making HIM better known and loved, honoured, followed and obeyed! Glory to God always! Peace and joy and heartfelt thanks, to you dear Sister Paula and the National Council. Basia ofs – Asst Min. Perfect Joy Fraternity, Bracknell

  2. Thank you for this wonderful resource for us. Please could you tell me what will happen to the old website and all the member details that we have on there.

    Many thanks and blessings to you
    Pamela Power
    Leek St Marys

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Pamela.

      OVer the past months we have compiled a new database and it will be up to the newly elected council to decide how this will operate after our national elections.

      Personally I don’t see any need to close the old site too suddenly. The new council will also consider this

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