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  1. Recent face book comments by younger professed members and those mature speak of older members being less than welcoming and some meetings amounting to business or social events.The handbook makes it clear that thought should be given on aspects of the rule the gospels and life of Francis to enable fraternities to flourish.Clearlx it behoves all Fraternity Ministers to plan and present these aspects at all meetings to inspire interest and dseire to move forward in faith

    1. Dear Terry,
      I quite agree, but the Fraternity Councils, not just the Minister alone, should ensure that a fratermity meeting has all three components. It does require planning well in advance but still needs to be open to the input of the Holy Spirit. The very ‘preparation’ can be viewed as business by some, but St. Francis made a prayer of everything and we can too.
      Initially I thought the above was a negative comment about the Congress in Lithuania, I am not sure which facebook comments you had seen by younger professed members.
      We need to ensure a warm, welcoming atmosphere that genuinely expresses our Franciscan Charism.
      peace and good

      1. Dear Angela,

        I agree with you wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, and probably due to my error, the extract was wrongly entered in the subject of Lithuania.
        To return to my original point I am working on providing possible suggestions for meetings which might be considered by fraternities. Hopefully this will be concluded and circulated in the early Summer months


        1. The “Guidelines for a fraternity meeting” that was produced by the National Formation team in 2005 may be of help. I will email you a copy. peace and all good

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