2 thoughts on “National Chapter Weekend 17-19 June 2022

  1. I thank Betsy and her team for having organized the National Chapter. It was refreshing and very nice to have met again so many good friends and new ones. Everything was well arranged! Thanks too to Fr Donal Walsh and to Father John (JC) who assisted us on this occasion. A Joyful weekend and I also met the missionary priest Father Paul who worked in Brazil and was able to converse in my native language Portuguese. I look forward to the next meetings again.
    Pax et Bonum ! Jaci (JC) 🙂 xx

  2. *** What a wonderful time! An opportunity to experience real fraternity in action. Around 30 were gathered; from the few each of us knew when we arrived, within two days we all belonged to one large Franciscan family. In fact, since leaving, I realise I had rather lost that feeling of being part of the Franciscan family and now it has returned. A family in Spirit; each of us Franciscan yet everyone so individual in the way we live our vocation. Truly, the Holy Spirit was among us and remains with us still.

    Reflecting on the weekend, it is a wonderful reminder of the great benefit of meeting in person. And not only at Fraternity level but quite especially at Regional level. As our Fraternities tend to be lower in number, Fraternity is more easily experienced in the larger gathering of a Regional Day. As we are now able to meet again I encourage all Regional Councils to organise gatherings at which everyone from the Fraternities may meet and the Holy Spirit build bonds of love and fraternity. It is a gift indeed.

    Thank you to all who made this National gathering possible. I will never forget it.

    God bless. Peace and all good. Glenn Lowcock OFS Oxford

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