National Elective Chapter 2015

The National Elective Chapter was held at the weekend at the Oblate Retreat Centre at Crewe.

The newly elected national executive is:

Minister: Paula Pearce ofs, Vice Minister: Andrea Hambleton ofs, Secretary: Pamela Thornton ofs, Treasurer: Michael Martin ofs, Formation: John Power ofs, Presence in the World: Debbie Bool ofs, Youth: Christine Frendo ofs, Additional Councillor: Roger Yelland ofs.

We will all, surely, wish to give thanks and gratitude to those who served as the national executive from 2012 to 2015:

Minister: Paula Pearce ofs, Vice Minister: Helen MacGilp ofs, Secretary: Salvina Bartholomeusz ofs, Treasurer: Roger Yelland ofs, Formation: John Power ofs, Presence in the World: Dorothy Harte ofs, Youth: Catherine Orobator ofs.

And we give thanks and express our gratitude to all members who work together to build ofsgb, to build rich fraternal bonds, to build our franciscan family: all members of the national council, those members not on the national executive or council but who work closely with us, all regional councils, all fraternity councils, and all fraternity members. Each of us is vitally important to ofsgb. Without your love, your commitment to fraternity, your support, your help and your guidance the national executive could do nothing.

May we seek to bring our Franciscan spirit into every situation we face and witness. May we all be life-giving resources, faithful to our Franciscan spirit, celebrating contemporary Franciscan life, as we work to build the Civilisation of Love (The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: published in 2004 by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace at the request of Pope John Paul II. See especially sections 204ff, and 575ff).

Further details and updates from the Chapter will follow.

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