100 Club

Helping to fund franciscan activities

The 100 Club is now being actively promoted again. It can be an entertaining diversion, provide useful prizes for the winners, and it helps fund franciscan activities in this country.

 The 100 Club is open to both individual and fraternity membership, and members may have multiple entries – the more the merrier, as they say. It would be good if all fraternities considered taking at least one subscription. One fraternity has six subscriptions. Each entry costs £12.

 The 100 Club subscription becomes due on the 1st January each year. The number and value of the prizes will depend on the number of members. We aim to return 40% to 50% of the proceeds in prizes with the remainder donated to help the work of the Secular Franciscan Order GB National Council.

2020 Draw

For the 2020 draw, entries will be accepted to the end of June 2020. The draw will take place in the 3rd or 4th quarter 2020. We are continuing a drive to restore the previous levels of participation.

2019 Draw

The 2019 draw took place at the National Council meeting held on 7th September. Five prizes of £50 each went to Virginia Yelland, Helen MacGilp, Salvina Bartholomeusz, Ladywell fraternity and Grays emerging fraternity.

2018 Draw

The 2018 draw took place at the National Executive Council meeting held on 21st July. Four prizes of £50 each went to Oxford Fraternity, Blackpool Fraternity, Theresa Caddy (York), and ‘San Damiano’ fraternity (Inverness ).

2017 Draw

The 2017 draw took place at the National Executive Council meeting held on 13th October. Five prizes of £50 each went to Doreen Jansen (Croydon), Lyn Bradbury (York), Mark Bligh (Nottingham), Paula Pearce (National Minister) and ‘Blessed John Duns Scotus’ Fraternity (Ipswich).

2016 Draw

The 2016 draw took place at the National Council meeting held on 10th December. Four prizes of £50 each went to Theresa Caddy (York), ‘Blessed John Duns Scotus’ Fraternity (Ipswich), Roger Yelland (Stratford) and Philip McKen (RIP) / Derrick Tranter. Please keep Philip McKen, who passed away in 2016, in your prayers.

2015 Draw

The 2015 draw took place in December 2015. Four prizes of £50 went to the Inverness fraternity, Gerard Charnock (Chorley / Blackpool), Cynthia Savory (Bedford), and Dorothy Harte (Portsmouth).

2014 Draw

The 2014 draw took place at the national executive meeting at Stratford on 15th November 2014. Four prizes of £50 went to David Morton (Ipswich), Doreen Jansen (Croydon), Michael Carter (Chorley), and John Bradley (Croydon).

2013 Draw

The 2013 draw took place at the national council meeting at the Poor Clares, Arkley on 7th December 2013. Four prizes of £50 went to Portsmouth Fraternity, Chorley Fraternity, Derrick Tranter, and Michael Carter.

2012 Draw

The (delayed) 2012 draw took place at the national council meeting on 18th May 2013. Three prizes of £50 went to Ladywell Fraternity, Portsmouth Fraternity and Angela Bradley.

Prize structure

As the number of entries builds up again to their former levels we will review the prize structure, and probably introduce at least one prize of £100 or over. The Stratford (London) parish 300 Club, for example, has a top prize of £500.

Suggestions and Queries

Please contact Michael Martin (mamartin@live.co.uk) or Roger Yelland (rogerofs@gmail.com) with any queries or questions, and any ideas you may have for developing the 100 Club. Perhaps you have experience of other 100 Clubs. They are quite common among clubs and societies.


 Cheques made payable to Secular Franciscan Order 100 Club’ for subscriptions to the 100 Club should be sent to the National Treasurer Michael Martin at: 25 Clevelands, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 2EQ.

 If you wish to pay by bank transfer please pay to:

Secular Franciscan Order 100 Club

Sortcode: 40-21-17 Account No. 51453858

The Bank is HSBC. Please ensure your include a reference on the bank transfer authorisation that clearly identifies who you are! And to be sure send Michael a note or an email (mamartin@live.co.uk).