The National Fraternity

The National Council

The National Council consists of members of the National Executive, the nine Regional Ministers, and the three Spiritual Assistants.

The National Executive

Minister: Betsy Hart ofs, Vice Minister: Kathy Maskens ofs, Secretary: Dianne Fisher ofs, Treasurer: Michael Martin ofs, Formation: Terry Mortimer ofs, Presence in the World: Dorothy Harte ofs, Youth: Christine Frendo ofs, Additional Councillor: Theresa Caddy ofs.

The Regional Ministers

Scotland: Shirley Rose ofs, North East: Kevin Browne ofs, North West: Peter Bamford ofs, Midland: Patrick McGuire ofs, East Anglia: Brigid Rawlinson ofs, London: Anne North ofs, South East: Kathy Maskens ofs, Southern: Simon Peck ofs, South Wales & South West: Patrick Tossell ofs

The Spiritual Assistants

Fr John Cavanagh ofm cap, Fr Jesmond Pawley ofm conv, Fr Donal Walsh ofm

The National Registrar:

the registrar may be contacted at


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