Regional Ministers


Minister: Helen MacGilp



North East Regional Executive

Minister: Lyn Bradbury ofs; Vice Minister: Theresa Caddy ofs; Secretary: Sheelagh Fitzgerald ofs; Treasurer: Brenda Flynn ofs; JPIC: Kevin Browne
Elected: 22nd April 2023


North West Regional Executive

Minister: Peter Bamford ofs; Vice Minister: Liam Redmond ofs; Secretary: Mary McCormick ofs; Treasurer: Pam Thornton ofs; Formation: Lesley Anders ofs; Presence in the World (JPIC): Christine Devlin ofs.
Elected: 1st April, 2017 at Chester.


Midland Regional Executive

Minister: Glenn Lowcock ofs; Vice Minister: Maureen Caulson ofs; Secretary: Mark Bligh ofs; Treasurer: Adrian Goodall ofs;
Elected: 12th February 2022


East Anglia Regional Executive

Minister: Chris Whittam ofs; Vice Minister: Peter Qualey ofs; Secretary: Jaci Agarwala ofs; Treasurer: David Gleave ofs; Formation: Paula Pearce ofs; JPIC: Debbie Boole
Elected: 15th April 2023


London Regional Executive

Minister: Veronica Hughes ofs; Vice Minister: Jothi Christian ofs; Secretary: Lesley Bonzoni ofs; Treasurer: John Sparks ofs; Formation: Anne North ofs; Presence in the World (JPIC) : Kathleen Goggin ofs; Communication Officer: Anna Renner ofs; Councillor without Portfolio: Daphne Lynch
Elected: 6th March 2022


South East England Regional Executive

Minister: Kathy Maskens ofs; Vice Minister: Robin Saunders ofs; Secretary: Michael McCarthy ofs; Treasurer: Cordelia Rice ofs; Formation: Mark Kenneth ofs.
Elected: 9th December 2017


Southern Regional Executive

Minister:Philomena Chasty, Vice Minister: Charles Marriot,Secretary: John Vivian ofs, Treasurer: Angela Pickford ofs, Formation: Christine & Mike Tevlin, Minutes Secretary: Esme Vivian, JPIC: Esme & John Vivian.

Elected: 16th September 2021


South Wales & South West Regional Executive

Minister: Thelma Rogers ofs; Vice Minister: Paul Evans ofs; Secretary: Catherine Parkes ofs; Treasurer: Joan Woolard ofs; Formation: John Power ofs; Councillor: William Mortimer ofs.
Elected: 21st August 2021