Regional Officers

Scotland Regional Executive

Minister: Helen MacGilp ofs, Vice Minister: John Watts ofs, Secretary: Bridget Gordon ofs, Treasurer: Margaret Robb ofs, Presence in the World: Glen Reynolds ofs.
Elected: 22 March 2014

North East Regional Executive

Minister: Lyn Bradbury ofs; Vice Minister: Sheelagh Fitzgerald ofs; Secretary: Rosemary Dias ofs; Treasurer: Brenda Flynn ofs; Formation: Maureen Rimmer ofs; Website: Theresa Caddy ofs.
Elected: 28 March 2015

North West Regional Executive

Minister: Peter Bamford ofs, Vice Minister: Liam Redmond ofs, Secretary: Mary McCormick ofs, Treasurer: Pam Thornton ofs, Formation: Lesley Anders ofs, Presence in the World: Christine Devlin ofs.
Elected: Saturday 1st April, 2017 at Chester.

Midland Regional Executive

Minister: Andrea Hambleton, ofs; Vice Minister: Patrick McGuire ofs; Secretary: Mark Bligh ofs; Treasurer: Michael Martin, ofs; Formation: Sean Ward, ofs; Presence in the World (JPIC): Lyda Bell Hunt, ofs.

East Anglia Regional Executive

Minister: Debbie Bool ofs, Vice Minister: Chris Housden ofs, Formation: Jaci Matos Agarwala ofs, Secretary: David Gleave ofs, Treasurer: Edwin Edwards ofs, Presence in the World: Chris Whittam ofs.
Elected: Saturday 18th March 2017


London Regional Executive

Minister: Anne North ofs, Vice Minister: Georgia Tutton ofs, Secretary: Toni McCabe ofs, Formation: Christine Cattini ofs, Treasurer: Jean Truebridge ofs, Presence in the World: Jothi Christian ofs, Youth: Joanna Torres ofs, Minister without Portfolio: Ela Sumislawska ofs.
Elected: Saturday 21 November 2015


South East England Regional Executive

Minister: Kathy Maskens ofs; Vice Minister: Salvina Bartholomeusz ofs; Secretary: Paula Pearce ofs; Treasurer: Cordelia Rice ofs


Southern Regional Executive

Minister: Betsy Hart ofs, Vice Minister: Edward Cuerden ofs, Secretary: Val Pearce ofs, Treasurer: Robert Millar ofs, Formation: Maggie Larkin ofs.


South Wales & South West Regional Executive

Minister: Patrick Tossell ofs , Vice Minister: Geoff Bradley,ofs, Secretary: Angela Bradley,ofs, Treasurer: Joan Woolard ofs, Formation: John Power ofs, Councillor: Mary de Wolf ofs.