Our Presence in the World

The War on Plastic
We are hoping to open up the discussion on waste in our developed country and its impact on other people and the planet . In the spirit of Laudato Si and the Pope ‘s plea that we think of the common good, would anyone like to share their thoughts.?

Climate Change
On 26th June Cafod is inviting all supporters to show their concern about climate change by going to Parliament Square and if possible meeting their MP . They are hoping for a large turnout . Is anyone involved in this via their parish ? If so please let us know.

One thought on “Our Presence in the World

  1. I personally don’t have any spare time or stamina myself, but I think that the Order could possibly be more effective by joining other group[s] who are also collecting plastic etc, rather than working on our own.
    Then, prevention is better than cure, so perhaps we should have a list of do-s and don’ts as a guide to our personal efforts to reduce plastic waste. We were a bit shocked today when we went shopping at Tesco. The lady at the check-out carefully wrapped up my purchases in little polythene bags and knotted them tightly and when we came to open them at home we could not untie the knots, so we had to dump about 6 or 7 new poly bags into the waste bin. I hadn’t realised what the checkout lady was doing until I started picking them up to put them into our shopping bags. I must contact Tesco about this.

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