One thought on “Overview of National Chapter Meeting Dec’21

  1. I have found membership of the following organisations very useful in helping me to shape my understanding about the Synodal Way and in providing ideas about how I might respond in a positive way.

    Catholics for a Changing Church
    Aims: To encourage sharing of responsibility while supporting individuals and small Christian groups. To watch and comment on the workings of the Church, urging it to change internally in its structures and attitudes, and in its service to the world, particularly the poor and the oppressed and to ALL God’s creation. To strive for honesty, justice and integrity in the Church, to enable it to present the Gospel more effectively in the modern world.

    ACTA. A Call to Action
    We are a group of Catholics, some of whom are ordained, brought together by our love of Christ’s Church and our anxiety about its future. Still inspired by the Second Vatican Council, we want to contribute fully to the life of our Church so that we may be a more effective sign of the Kingdom of God. To do this, we believe that an atmosphere of openness and dialogue both with each other and with our church leadership needs developing. Accordingly, we aim to supply channels of free and frank communication. We desire to help create a climate of trust and respect for all where this dialogue may be fostered.

    Root and Branch Synod.
    We want comprehensive Root and Branch reform in the institution of Catholic clericalism. We, the People of God, must lead the way towards an inclusive, safe and loving Catholic Church.
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