Reminder Day of Prayer for Creation September 1st

Just a quick reminder that you will find a novena of prayer which can be done beginning on that day under Mission and then Presence in the World on this website. Thanks to Debbie for preparing this and to Helen for putting it on Facebook National Fraternity.

3 thoughts on “Reminder Day of Prayer for Creation September 1st

  1. I suggest you ask Paula if you can change her “4 martyrs” to “3 martyrs”, as I expect there are quite a number of people still to read this and it is a pity to repeat a mistake.
    Michael ofs.

  2. There have been many who gave their lives throughout history for their faith and it was good to find the mention of the feast yesterday on the web site. I agree we are living in very troubled time and we do need time to properly understand this before circulating the events that we hear day after day on our television screens. I totally agree with you Paula that events can and often are open to abuse and that we must all learn how to manage these images each day.

    I am happy to learn that you are keeping these matters in focus and be assured of my prayers in this.

    God bless, your fraternal Brother Derrick Tranter ofs

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