RIP Allan Simpson, OFS

Angela Bradley posted this in the National Fraternity facebook group late yesterday: I learned today of the death of Alan Simpson OFS, East Anglia. A kind and gentle man, a person of great faith, care for the deceased members of our Order and love of St Francis.
His advancing age, serious illness and inability to attend fraternity meetings were no obstacle to his heroic, Franciscan witness. After March fraternity ceased he still met with other OFS to pray and to practice an apostolate of mercy, praying for deceased members. They collected money and had mass offered for the holy souls every month. Involved at the start of the National Fraternity and the first National Council of G.B.

Selected comments from the national fraternity facebook group:

Jaci Matos: Thank you Angela for the kind words on our dearest Allan…. he will be missed here on Earth’ life but surely he is enjoying now his new home in God’s arm with all the angels and saints! May his soul rest in peace! Amen! He was indeed a splendid example for us and a great apostle for the Holy Souls! He was an inspiration to me from my beginning as a member of the ofs. RIP!

Debbie Bool: Angela, thank you so much for posting this. Alan was instrumental in my becoming a Secular Franciscan as he initiated the relaunching of the Norwich fraternity. He was a good example to me of what it was to be a Secular Franciscan.

Helen MacGilp: Wonderful to hear of Alan’s commitment to his vocation and to our Order! May we all be blessed with the grace of perseverance and may our brother Alan now rest in peace.

8 thoughts on “RIP Allan Simpson, OFS

  1. He was a wonderful, positive, faith-filled , enthusiastic member whom I had the privilege of working with for a short time and cannot forget RIP

      1. Hi Derrick, I asked for details of the funeral, but they were not forthcoming. Presumably the event is now long past. Sorry.

  2. I am very sad to hear of Allan’s death. He was indeed a lovely man who, although I hadn’t seen for a long time, had a phone call from him recently but at the time was at Mass. I tried to ring him back but could only leave a message. I am truly sad – I had some lovely lengthy telephone conversations with him. A very faithful Franciscan.

  3. Dear Brother,
    Many thanks. I have the same photo of Allan Simpson, also supplied by Angela. I don’t have access to the photos to which you refer, but I think the two I have now will be sufficient.
    Do I have permission, please, to include comments from Paula, Helen McGilp, Jaci and Debbie Bool? I would acknowledge the source.
    Bro. Michael.

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