Street Passion Play in Bedford


A Street Passion Play was enacted in Bedford on Holy Saturday 26th March 2016. Our very own Michael Simmonds, of the Bedford fraternity, portrayed the character of Caiaphas (see image above). A splendid evangelisation opportunity! Good work, Michael! An idea for another enterprising fraternity.

Michael tells us:

The drama began in Church Square with the Last Supper in the presence of a large crowd of onlookers. After the Supper, Jesus was arrested and dragged along the road to Caiaphas and Annas [picture] where he was found guilty of blasphemy and was then dragged up Silver Street to Pilate. Here Jesus was condemned and had to carry a heavy cross-beam down the High Street, with the two thieves, to Castle Mound, where he was realistically crucified on a full-sized cross in the presence of a huge crowd, possibly 1000 people. After his death on the Cross, the crowd moved down to a lower area where Mary Magdalene and Mary of Cleophas went to the tomb on Easter morning. They went to the disciples and they were all wondering at the death of Jesus and his missing body when he walked in among them. They were full of wonder and excitement and joy! The Salvation Army played an Easter hymn and some doves were released behind Jesus. Many people commented on how moving it was and tears were shed at the suffering of Christ. The play lasted about two hours. Evangelisation!
The only professional actor was the one playing Christ – all the rest were members of different Churches in Bedford.


2 thoughts on “Street Passion Play in Bedford

  1. Thanks for an accurate report on the Passion Play. I apologise that there were not more pictures, especially of the crucifixion, but my wife was unable to follow any further and the only official pictures were in the newspapers and were copyright.

  2. Thanks to you Michael for allowing us to share in this, and thank you too for your valuable witness. Have you had a word with the newspapers? Perhaps they would allow us to share some pictures here on this website?

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