The National Seat written by our Vice Minister, Andrea

OFSGB National Office
The Secular Franciscan Order in Great Britain now has a fixed national address
All Saints, Redclyffe Road, Urmston, Manchester M41 7LG.  Our office is in the former printing press building of The Greyfriars’ (St Maximillian Kolbe’s)  Crusade of Mary Immaculate and The Franciscan Mass Association.  The Greyfriars, The Order of Friars Minor Conventual of Great Britain & Ireland have made this redundant building in the grounds of All Saints Friary and Church available to our Order on an annual rental basis.  In taking up their offer we are fulfilling a requirement of the General Constitutions that all national councils must have a “National Seat” a fixed address for communication purposes.
There are two sizeable meeting rooms which can be used for national council and executive meetings and possibly formation days/days of reflection.  The space which is centrally heated and WiFi accessible also comprises an office, a small kitchen area equipped with kettle and microwave, a large walk-in room, formerly the photographic dark room, a useful storage area, and a toilet.  It is rather basic and a work-in-progress but we can make it our home. Paula has taken some regional archives for storage, thereby freeing up space in her home, much to the delight of her husband.  My husband will also be delighted when our spare room is emptied of archives from the midland region. Paula has driven up from Kent to spend time organising, one day for a meeting with the OFM.Conv. Custos, and a further two three-day stays, in December January, accompanied some of the time by our national secretary, Pam Thornton, Peter Bamford, north west regional minister, and myself.   It has been hard work especially for Paula but then nothing worthwhile is easy.  Our hope is that this centre will energise our sense of belonging not only to OFSGB but to the whole Franciscan family.  Pam will drive down from Liverpool once a week to deal with any post and admin.  Paula will also spend more time there this year.
This is a historic moment for OFSGB and if we can make it work financially it will give us a new national identity built on the many hours of dedicated time and effort over the years by members both living and dead.   A line incorporated in our national letter headed notepaper states OFSGB Building the Kingdom of God with Living Stones.  We are those living stones so let’s get to work!  Watch this space for developments.
Peace and All Good
Andrea ofs

OFSGB National Office



6 thoughts on “The National Seat written by our Vice Minister, Andrea

  1. On behalf of St Clare’s Blackley Manchester fraternity welcome and let us build living stones on this new foundation

    1. Thank you for your welcome, Michael. It’s nice to have living stones nearby, 11-14 miles, depending on which way the crow flies.

  2. Great to know we now have a “home”☺.
    Ascot Fraternity archives will need some sorting but we’ll get them to you soon..
    Pax et Bonum, love and prayers, Philomena

  3. It appears that the article on the National seat at All Saints is not coming up. A quick word with St Anthony perhaps?

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