A General Thank You to the Chapter Participants at the Beatitudes Chapter

A Thank You note from our National Minister, Betsy Hart

Fraternal greetings to you all
I am slowly coming back to life again after the Chapter. It was such a special and blessed time. I was really privileged to get to know so many more of you in a more spiritual way. I know that I will forever be known as the lady of the post-its and SHH! I have a special place for you all in my heart and thank God for your goodness.

The Scripture reading from the Final Liturgy really struck a chord with me about the whole weekend. You really have brought the weary, dry bones back to life. I was tired but so energised.
Peace and all good


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Third Day of Mats Chapter of The Beatitudes – Sunday 23rd June 2019

Chapter of Mats 23rd June 2019

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Close of the year celebrating 40th anniversary of approval by Pope Blessed Paul VI of the OFS Rule 24th June 1978


The Candles, the Cloths and the Stones


Group Photos

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