One thought on “OFS News Update

  1. Dear Everyone, Greetings to you all. I belong to the fraternity at Chorley, Lancashire, as Secretary. I have two needs !

    One is for information as to how I can contact Tibor.

    The second is to let you know of my concern for lapsed Catholics and for those who are searching for God. For some years now, I have had a blog on Facebook – thecatholicmoretolife. The contents may look like poetry but they are not intended to be poetry primarily. That particular form of layout is specifically designed to take thought and reasoning from where one is to where one needs to be, to represent the Faith for today. Please take a look at it and let me know how you react to it and whether you can make use of it.

    My email address is : –

    My love and greetings to you all,

    Robina Knewstub

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