The Secular Franciscan Order in Great Britain


Organisation and Administrationfrancis91

This section of the website will include all the documents, forms and other information relevant to the administration of the Order.

This section contains

  • Contributions from members of the national council, each executive council member will have a page, as will each region.
  • Regional information and resources
  • Email addresses for a limited number of contacts who will have a directory of names and fraternity information for anyone interested in attending a meeting or an event.


The National Fraternity

The National Fraternity of Great Britain holds elections for national offices every three years. The election is presided over by an International Councillor who is accompanied by an international Spiritual Assistant. The next election will be held in September 2015.

The participants in the election are:

  • Members of the national council which consists of the outgoing national executive council, regional ministers and the national spiritual assistants. The spiritual assistants do not have a vote in the election.
  • A delegate from each region.
  • Observers may attend but do not have a vote although they may speak at the discretion of the one presiding at the election.



National Council responsibilities

Animating and guiding the national fraternity

To make sure that communication passes from one level to the next, where responsibility lies to carry out agreed tasks. The International and National Councils agree priorities and these should be included in the work of regional and local councils. Planning and organisation of national events. Making sure that the national treasurer has adequate financial resources to fund the programme agreed at the national council, and to pay, annually, the budgeted contribution to the International fraternity as agreed at the General Chapter of the OFS every three years. The current international budget covers the years 2015 to 2017.

Difficulties and grievances should be dealt with at the fraternity in which they have arisen wherever possible, but a council may ask advice and help from the next level when necessary.


Regional Council responsibilities

  • To meet in order to agree how to animate and guide the local fraternities in the region.
  • To have a good working knowledge of all the local fraternities.
  • The minister (or the Minister’s delegate) attends local elections and may visit any fraternity if requested.
  • The minister and secretary should have, and keep updated, all the personal information necessary to ensure communications pass to each local fraternity.
  • To plan regional events, according to regional need, and in order to transmit and implement the agreed national programme.
  • To discuss any matters arising from local fraternities.
  • To ensure that the nationally agreed formation programme is available, including other resources: for all enquirers and candidates within the region; and to provide ongoing formation for professed members.