Art Exhibition on St Francis at National Gallery

There was an exhibition of art centred on St Francis & St Clare at the National Gallery in London back in July.

The National Gallery said: “this exhibition looks at why this saint is a figure of enormous relevance to our time due to his spiritual radicalism, commitment to the poor, and love of God and nature, as well as his powerful appeals for peace, and openness to dialogue with other religions.” Also: “the exhibition shines a light on how Saint Francis has captured the imagination of artists through the centuries, and how his appeal has transcended generations, continents and different religious traditions.”

“Each generation seeks its saint by instinct; and they are not what the people want, but rather what the people need… Therefore it is the paradox of history that each generation is converted by the saint who contradicts it most” (G. K. Chesterton).

Here are a few pictures of the exhibition. Just click any of the pictures and they should enlarge.


One thought on “Art Exhibition on St Francis at National Gallery

  1. Angelo is highly recommended as an informed and knowledgeable guide. His love for St Francis is almost palpable, He made our visit to this wonderful exhibition so much more meaningful by giving informed and interesting insights into the wonderful art works on display. Thank you Angelo.

    Mags Ivatts
    St Clare fraternity

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