On February 24 of the year 1208, Saint Francis of Assisi made the decision to lead a life of poverty, which in time would become the very foundation of the Franciscan orders.

It was the feast of Saint Matthias during mass celebration inside the “Porziuncola” of Assisi (which he had just repaired). The corresponding Gospel was the 10th chapter of Saint Matthew, in which the Lord sent his apostles and instructs them not to carry “gold, nor silver, nor money in their bags, nor a saddlebag for the road, nor two tunics, nor sandals and no cane”

An overwhelming feeling led Francis to ask the Priest to explain this particular Gospel to him, and after hearing to what he said, he exclaimed: This what I want!

And it was the beginning of a life of extreme poverty for Francis, dedicated to the itinerant preaching of the Gospel, following a path of penance, living on what the inhabitants of Assisi offered him.

After a few months, the brothers began to approach him.

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