Franciscan Gallery – JOSEP BENLLIURE GIL

Josep Benlliure Gil was a Spanish painter from Valencia. Having shown a remarkable talent, Josep attended the Spanish school in Rome, and from 1903 to 1913, became director of the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts, and leader of the Spanish art colony in Rome, where he performed paintings and sculptures.

Benlliure was a faithful devotee of saint Francis, and this was reflected in his work. His illustrations showed more than 50 episodes based on the life of this saint.

His paintings achieved success in Paris, Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin, and his brothers Juan Antonio and Mariano were also a painter and a sculptor, respectively.

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  1. Fascinating articles but I have noticed some errors in the language in this and earlier posts. For example “devout” instead of “devotee”. Another phrase that seems strange is ” overcome more than 50 episodes “. Has an automatic translation been used?
    This series of posts are fascinating and informative. Thank you to the person responsible for adding them.

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