National Elective Chapter 14-16 October 2022

We have new National Council Members for the next three years.

Congratulations to All.

From Left to Right

Fr Donal Walsh Spiritual Assistant
Fr John Cavanagh Spiritual Assistant
Thelma Rogers Communication Officer
Dianne Fisher Secretary
Maureen Coulson Treasurer
Liam Redmond Vice Minister
Kathy Maskens Minister
John Power Formation
Bridgid Rawlinson Families & Youth
Veronica Hughes JPIC

5 thoughts on “National Elective Chapter 14-16 October 2022

  1. Congratulations and may you enjoy a spirit filled 3 years. Thank you for taking on these ministries and for giving your time and energies for all our good.

  2. Thanks for being at the Chapter it was so inspirational and shows we are a
    family. In Peace and all Joy.
    John and Esme
    St Anthony Solent and Southern Region

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