Pam Thornton’s Funeral


As some of you may already be aware our dear Sr Pam Thornton has passed away. She was a much loved and well respected member of our community for many years. She was National Secretary before I was and helped me make the transition through her expertise and many prayers. She will be very much missed.

Her funeral will be held at St Anthony of Padua church, Liverpool on 29th July at 9.30am for anyone who would like to attend.

We remember her and her family in our prayers during this difficult time for them.

God bless


5 thoughts on “Pam Thornton’s Funeral

  1. From Paula Pearce:

    Pamela Thornton RIP Pam died on Sunday. Pam was a warm, generous, good humoured, sensitive friend. Pam was one of the first people to ask me to think about standing for National Minister. She supported me enormously when I was in office. Even before the move to Barton, Pam and I visited one another as we became close friends. She always came to Barton when I was there. Generally she arrived with a bacon bap for both of us. We worked together on everything that had to be done setting up and working from there. When we needed to buy something, Pam would come with me. Then we frittered away a lot of time trying to get technical things to work. She was always a joy for me to work and “play” with. I realise just how much Pam did for the OFM Conv. Order. especially in her own parish. She was always positive, even at the bleakest times of our first visits to Barton. Between us we managed to improve relations with the friars who lived at Barton, reaching a time of mutual welcome and fraternity. I loved visiting Pam’s house. It reminded me of the home my Mum grew up, where we spent happy Augusts throughout my childhood. It was cosy, comfortable, homely and relaxing. We were extremely blessed to have Pam as a true and faithful servant for more than 60 years. I am truly thankful for the gift she has been. May she rest in peace

  2. Well done Pam! Now go, and don’t look back, enjoy your reward thou good and faithful servant. I am very happy for you. Give my love to Francis, Clare, and Anthony, and tell them we need their prayers still.

  3. Pam will be missed!
    I remember very well!
    Eternal rest grant onto her O Lord! Let Perpetual Light shine upon her soul!
    May her souls rest in peace!
    Amém! Ofs

  4. Pam was a very pure hearted woman .also a true Franciscan in her own right .
    There where many times I noticed her great ability to organise anything that came her way . She had a gift . I know that she will be sadly missed . Goodbye pam ,untill we meet again .God bless

  5. Our most sincere condolences to her family and friends ✝️ May she rest in peace. We’ll pray for her tonight in our hour of Adoration.
    Divine Mercy Fraternity, Gibraltar

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