OFSGB National Formation Retreat Weekend 02-04 September 2022

Our National Formation Minister, Terry Mortimer, together with his team, has organised a worth while Formation Retreat for all those members attended. At the retreat, lots of discussion about our present status of our Order and how we tackle the problems and go forward.

Our National Youth Minister, Christine Frendo, gives us a highlight how Gibraltar organised their Youfra and how UK can learn from their example and inspired our youth in UK to be interested in Youfra.

All in a nutshell, we need to go out to evangelise, to be presence among the people, to inspire them in our Franciscan way of life.


3 thoughts on “OFSGB National Formation Retreat Weekend 02-04 September 2022

  1. How lovely to see so many at the Formation weekend, and so many faces I know. Praying you return to your Fraternities refreshed and renewed.

  2. Mags and David Ivatts – St Clare fraternity Hollington
    The Formation weekend at the Oblate Retreat Centre in Crewe was a great success. Terry Mortimer produced a workshop manual that facilitated interesting and in-depth examination of the key features of delivering formation. We really enjoyed the small break out groups that enabled us to get to know other people more closely. It was an enriching and fulfilling experience and the Oblate retreat centre is an ideal venue. Very comfortable and hospitable. Thank you Terry for working so hard to deliver this weekend. We think it was a great benefit to us all. Peace and all good.

  3. The weekend sounds interesting! I have only recently been attending OFS meetings but am interested in any opportunities that may be forthcoming for formation / retreats that I might take part in. Thanks.

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